The greatest career awaits you as an airline pilot. See the world at 30,000 feet as you travel to exotic locations. It's the perfect job with an office that moves, a view that constantly changes and challenges that are exhilarating. Begin your training today!

Pilot Training

Ansett Aviation Training Melbourne Australia, Ansett Aviation Asia Taiwan and Ansett Aviation Italia in Milan Italy, provide advanced training for pilots utilising state-of-the-art Full Flight Simulation technology and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Training courses offered at our global training centres include:

Ansett Aviation Training Melbourne Australia

  • Aircraft Type Ratings/Conversion Training – A320, BAe146, SAAB 340, Fokker 100, Dash 8 100/200/300, King Air 200, Metro III/23
  • Refresher Training
  • Instrument Proficiency Check
  • Airline Transport Pilots Licence Test
  • Airline employment screening/training
  • Simulator Instructor Training A320, SAAB 340

Ansett Aviation Asia Taiwan

  • A320 Type Rating Training
  • A320 Recurrent Training
  • A320 Re-qualification Training
  • A340/330-A320 Cross Crew Qualification Training
  • Jet Bridging (Jet Orientation, Multi Crew Co-operation) course

Ansett Aviation Italia

  • Type Rating Bae146/AVRO RJ
  • Familiarisation Training Bae146-> AVRO RJ
  • Refresher Training Bae146/AVRO RJ
  • Renewal Training Bae146/AVRO RJ
  • Commander Course Bae146/AVRO RJ
  • Commander Right Hand Seat Checkout Bae146/AVRO RJ
  • Synthetic Flight Instructor Training Bae146/AVRO RJ
  • Type Rating Instructor Training Bae146/AVRO RJ
  • Multi Crew Co-operation Training
  • Performance Based Navigation Training (Mandatory transition training for EASA pilots to be qualified for RNP/PBN operation)

Aircraft Type Ratings/Conversion Training

Ansett global training centres offer an extensive range of Type Rating/Conversion training courses on a number of aircraft types. The training courses consist of the aircraft pilot engineering ground course, involving computer-based and classroom training. Cockpit training aids together with Fixed Based Simulator sessions are utilised as a part of the course prior to the extensive Full Flight Simulator sessions.

The aviation regulator approved training courses, combined with the highly experienced Ansett instructor team, result in quality training that has been acknowledged throughout the aviation industry.

Recurrent/Refresher Training

Ansett approved instructors can provide required recurrent/refresher training for Type Rated pilots, to enhance pilot skills and aviation safety.

Instrument Rating Proficiency Check – (IPC)

The revalidation/renewal of an Instrument Rating for Type Rated pilots can be completed at the Ansett global training centres by our approved instructor team.

Jet Bridging Course - Airline Pilot

The Ansett Training Centres offer Jet Bridging/Jet Orientation Courses designed to prepare pilots transitioning from the basic commercial training environment (piston engine aircraft) to jet airline operations. The course is designed to thoroughly prepare the student for their first jet Type Rating course as well as any potential airline selection simulator assessments.

Multi Crew Co-operation Training

Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) training is required for pilots operating a multi-crew certificated aircraft. The Ansett MCC training focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of operating as a crew in the multi-crew airline environment. In addition, the course offers students the opportunity to practice and develop the skills necessary for leadership and support roles.

Airline employment screening/training

Airlines, as part of their interview screening of prospective pilots, may conduct an assessment of flying skills in a Full Flight simulator. Ansett training centres are able to offer pilots pre interview training in a full flight simulator to assist in the preparation for the assessment.

Simulator Instructor Rating

Ansett training centres offer training courses for qualified pilots to become a simulator Instructor, on specific aircraft types.

Ansett Aviation Training

Ansett is the world's leading independent provider of Aviation Training services with a renowned reputation for service excellence and commitment to delivering the highest quality training experience. Ansett has grown to own and operate four Training centres globally, whilst partnering with other training facilities to operate Ansett Simulators in additional locations and covering the broadest fleet of Simulator types in the world.