Fokker 100

The Fokker 100 first flew in 1987. The aircraft features twin fuselage-mounted engines and a T-tail. Later additional fuel tanks were added in the wings to extend its range. The Fokker 100 has a flight crew of 2, and seating for 80 to 122 passengers.

Type/Variant of Aircraft: Fokker 100

Flight Simulator Qualification Level: C (MOS Part 60 Chapter 3 Ver 1.0)

Manufacturer: CAE


Engines: MK-650-15

Autopilot: FCG 405-2502-951

Navigation: Honeywell Dual FMC TCAS, GPWS

Host Computer: VAX 4000

Visual System: Rockwell Collins, EP1000-CT LCoS - FOV (H180-V20/20)

Motion/Control Loading System: Motion - CAE 500/600, Control Loading - Digital, Degrees of Freedom - Six


Fokker F28 MK 0100 Brisbane

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