Embraer 120

The Embraer 120 Brasilia, first flew on 27th July 1983 and is the only twin engine turbo prop airliner in Embraer's civilian product line. It features a high cruise speed and low operating costs with seating capacity between 28-30. The cockpit features Electronic Flight Instruments and digital computerised flight control systems

Type/Variant of Aircraft:
Embraer 120

Flight Simulator Qualification Level:
B (MOS Part 60 Chapter 3 Ver 1.0)

Manufacturer: Flight Safety International - Simulator Systems Division


Engines: Twin Turboprop - Pratt and Whitney PW-118

Autopilot: Collins

Navigation: Collins
TCAS, MFD (Multi Function Display), Electronic Checklist

Host Computer:
Concurrent 3260 w/APU 20 Hz

Visual System:
Safety International - VSS Vital IV Dusk/Night, four window

Motion/Control Loading System:
Motion - Digital (Versados)
Control Loading - Digital (Versados)
Degrees of Freedom - Six


EMB 120 Melbournen

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