Boeing 737 Classic

The B737 was launched in 1968 and is considered a short to medium range jetliner. With over 5000 delivered aircraft, it is easily the most popular commercial airliner in the world. It is estimated that 1250 B737 aircraft are in the air at any one time. The 300, or Classic series, aircraft began service in 1981 boasting greater fuel economy and reduced noise.

Type/Variant of Aircraft: B737-300

Flight Simulator Qualification Level:
D (FSD-1 Level 5)

Manufacturer: Rediffusion


Engines: CMF56-3B-1

Autopilot: Sperry SP300 Autopilot

Flight Management System: Lear-Siegler

TCAS: Version 7

Weather Radar simulation
Windshear Warning System

Host Computer: Gould 32/27 32 bit Multiprocessor computer system

Visual System:
Rediffusion Nova View SP1-T, Dusk/Night, six window, four channel six monitor, CGI visual system

Motion/Control Loading System:
Motion - Digital 60"
Control Loading - Digital
Degrees of Freedom - Six


B737-300 Melbourne

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