Boeing 737-800W

The Boeing 737 Next Generation, commonly abbreviated as 737NG is the name given to the −600/-700/-800/-900 series of the Boeing 737 airliner. It is the third generation derivative of the 737, and follows the 737 Classic. They are short- to medium-range, narrow-body jet airliners powered by two engines and can seat between 110 and 210 passengers.

Type/Variant of Aircraft: B737-800W

Flight Simulator Qualification Level: EASA Level D

Manufacturer: Rockwell Collins


Engine: CFM56-7B27

Engine Configurations: 27K, 26K & 24K thrust rating

Flight Management System: Smiths/GE Version u11.0

TCAS: Version 7.1

Visual System: Rockwell Collins EP8100 FOV 200x40

Motion/Control Loading System: MOOG Electric motion and flight controls


Qualificazione FFS Level D marche IT-081 tipo Boeing 737-800W

FSTD No. IT-081 Boeing B 737 -800W

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