Malpensa Airport in Milan

Ansett Aviation Italia is based at Malpensa Airport in Milan Italy and provides aviation pilot training to pilot professionals from all over the world. Ansett Aviation Italia offers a complete suite of training solutions to provide licenced pilots with approved aircraft Type Ratings, Recurrency/Refresher training programs and other operations related training courses.

Ansett Aviation Italia operates from a world class, “state-of-the-art” training facility incorporating briefing rooms, classrooms, computer-based training systems, procedural trainers and technologically advanced certified Full Flight Simulators proximate to Terminal 2, Milan-Malpensa Airport. The facility was opened in December 2017.

The instructor team at Ansett Aviation Italia are highly experienced check and training pilots with a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from many years operating as pilots and instructors with airlines around the globe.

All Full Flight Simulators in the Ansett Aviation Italia centre are EASA (ENAC) certified devices and training will be provided through the EASA (ENAC) approved ATO. Ansett Airlines Australia was one of the leading world domestic and international airlines that operated in Australia from 1936 to 2001. Following the closure of the airline, the Ansett Simulator Pilot Training Centre was purchased and expanded domestically and internationally. The Ansett Global Training Centre’s foundation has been built on over 50 years of aviation experience and pilot training and continues to build on its world leading "standard of excellence” reputation.




Ansett Aviation Training

Ansett is the world's leading independent provider of Aviation Training services with a renowned reputation for service excellence and commitment to delivering the highest quality training experience. Ansett has grown to own and operate four Training centres globally, whilst partnering with other training facilities to operate Ansett Simulators in additional locations and covering the broadest fleet of Simulator types in the world.