Our history

The Ansett name originates from Sir Reginald Ansett, the founder of the Australian Airline “Ansett Airways" based in Melbourne Australia.

Sir Reginald Ansett commenced a small airline operation in 1936 and following the end of the Second World War grew the airline to be one of the two large domestic airlines operating in Australia. In the 1990’s the airline operated internationally to Asian destinations and was renowned for its safety record and quality of service.

The airline closed down in 2001 and the Ansett Simulator Pilot Training Centre in Melbourne Australia was purchased and developed into a state of the art training facility named Ansett Aviation Training. The Melbourne facility now operates as the largest Independent Simulator Training Centre in the Southern Hemisphere and currently houses 13 full flight simulators providing pilot training to individual pilots, airlines and aircraft operators from within Australia and around the world. A Cabin Crew Evacuation Trainer provides essential cabin crew training for A320 operators. Over 80 airlines and aircraft operators utilize the Melbourne Australia state of the art facilities for the provision of Pilot Type Ratings, Recurrent Training and associated aviation courses.

The demand for Pilot quality pilot training overseas led Ansett Aviation Training to establish Simulator Training Centres in Taiwan (2016) and Milan (2017) whilst also partnering with 3rd party training centres who operate individual Ansett Simulators in Dublin and the Sunshine Coast (Australia). The operation of these Training centres are fully integrated into the operations of the Ansett Group and will be further enhanced when the newest Ansett Aviation Training centre opens in Brisbane, Australia in October 2018.

Ansett Aviation Training History

Ansett Aviation Training

Ansett is the world's leading independent provider of Aviation Training services with a renowned reputation for service excellence and commitment to delivering the highest quality training experience. Ansett has grown to own and operate four Training centres globally, whilst partnering with other training facilities to operate Ansett Simulators in additional locations and covering the broadest fleet of Simulator types in the world.